This site is being developed. Our goal is to make it useful to students, MIT community members, and anyone interested in action learning that makes a difference in the world. Please let us know how you’re interested in contributing.

By mid-October, we plan to have moved over all materials from our previous site, mensetmanus.org, and that url will then point here. Meanwhile, please feel free to check out our old site–you’ll see materials and resources that you may find useful. It contains many links and readings on global health delivery as well as some materials on business models for addressing global needs.

We’ll gather and share material that’s currently housed in a variety of places: list to follow.

This site is created by Anjali Sastry, Senior Lecturer at the MIT Sloan School of Management, with much help from colleagues and students including web maven Shiba Nemat-Nasser. The initial focus is driven in large part by student interests. Our content is vey much work in progress. Join us in making it as useful–and inspring–to you as possible. Contact us.

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