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other company-specific resources HP report on emerging market solutions and Microsoft’s pay-as-you-go program:

Shell Foundation has an enterprise-oriented approach. See some examples of its work helping to develop new businesses:

consulting firms’ take

Interesting Accenture piece on emerging market-multinationals

From Deloitte:,1015,cid%253D137244,00.html

Note that many large consulting firms put reports on line, such as these

Also look at articles published in the McKinsey Quarterly (e.g. a Vera search yielded Beshouri, Christopher, “A grassroots approach to emerging-market consumers”, McKinsey Quarterly; 2006 Issue 4, p60-71, 12p). Business+Strategy is another promising source albeit not in the MIT online sources. Two interesting articles: “6 Truths about Emerging-Market Consumers” and “Five Rules for Winning Emerging Market Consumers”


other potentially useful resources

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